About Us

At Fillian Brothers Incorporated, we do not cut corners. Our projects are built to last, and we believe that, as we demand excellence in our own craftsmanship, we can only be as good as the materials we work with. We use quality vendors, electricians and plumbers. We keep our number of active jobs small to be present on the job site. Luke is not a manager with a clipboard. He work with one or two employees, so you can be assured that he will be present to both oversee and work on your project. Fillian Brothers Incorporated has a strong reputation as a respected company in the community. We are so proud to have repeat business: a custom cabinetry job that turns into a kitchen renovation or a master bathroom renovation that later becomes a renovation of every bathroom in the house. We have been known to do a project for a family, only to have the neighbor request our services, and then the next neighbor and so on.

Marshall “Luke” Fillian

Luke lives in Unionville with his wife and son. He graduated from Farmington High School. Luke has been working a complete renovation of his own home.